5 Piece Bathroom Cake Towel, Face Washer Decoration Set

The perfect gift set.
Style: Cake Set
Colour: Browns, Creams
Material: Cotton
Product Description
    We have been careful in every detail and have made a towel cake that looks exactly like the real thing!

    The cakes themselves are actually made from soft, fluffy towels- face washers. The fruit toppings can be used as magnetic, memo holders or cellular phone straps and the wrapping gives you the receipe of the cake. Each item is individually hand-made from carefully selected materials (100 % Cotton). As an interior decoration or, of course as a towel appreciate the care and detail that has gone into our cakes.

    Size: 1 hand towel
    2 washcloths
    2 towel-handkerchiefs
    hand towel: 34x80cm (13.4x31.5 in), washcloth: 34x35cm (13.4x13.8in), towel-handkerchief: 20x20cm (7.9x7.9in)


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