9 MUSIC CD SET, Relaxation, Easy Listening and Dinner Music

Set of 9 CD's. Individually packaged. 1 of each title.
Peace and Quiet, Dream Sleep, Celtic Whispers, Hey Big Spender, Take 5, Natures Ballet, Dinner Music, Pachelbels Canon and Harmony
A fabulous set as gifts or something special for yourself.
Product Description

    Peace and Quiet CD A collection of tracks with a blend of smooth music and the soothing sounds of the ocean.

    Dream Sleep CD Sleep is one of the body's basic needs. Sleep not only washes away a busy day, but also helps the body heal itself and gives our minds a chance to process what we've absorbed during the day. Rediscover the curative power of a good nights sleep with this soothing combination of music and gentle waves.

    Harmony CDThis disc explores nature with music, presenting an intimately relaxing and thought provoking sound experience. Music and Nature sounds unite in perfect balance..

    Dinner Music CDSet the mood for a perfect dinner with this collection of romantic favourites performed by an intimate saxophone quintet..

    Natures Ballet CDGentlest music of the ballet is performed in harmony with the sweet song of a warbler, the trickle of a stream, the call of the loon and other peaceful sounds from the natural world. A variety of acoustic instruments create an elegant, classical ballet that provides a refreshing listening experience..

    This huge variety of music is well suited for any occasion - this set consists of a total of 9 mixed cd's.