Red garnet jewelry is well known for its warm, deep hues that are often compared with the finest red wines. Because garnet resembles the luscious red seed of the pomegranate, it was originally given the name of “granatum”, meaning “seed of the pomegranate”. Garnet jewelry is varied in style and keeps pace with the changes in fashion. In fact, garnet is one of the oldest and the longest favored gems known to man and can be traced back to kingdoms of the Nile Delta in 3100 B.C!


At SeagullGifts, we offer a wide range of unique garnet jewelry set in 18 and 9 ct. Break open a pomegranate – do you see the glossy red seeds? That is exactly how bright and lovely our garnets are. These glamorous and richly textured creations will simply help the wearer to make a statement that stands out in a crowd.

In addition to its beauty, garnet jewelry is said to strengthen the body, relieve inflammation and help the blood circulation. Garnet is the birthstone of January and brings friendship, sincerity and loyalty. This glorious stone is also the state gemstone of New York.

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