Lay-by Terms and Conditions

Once you have read the conditions and you go ahead and make a purchase, we take that you have agreed to our termss & conditions.

Option 1:   Lay-By minimum purchase of $90.00 for any one item

Option 2:   Lay-By minimum purchase of $150.00 for any 3 or more items. (not including postage)

  • Lay-By is only available to customers within Australia.

  • A 10% downpayment is required WITHIN 3 DAYS to secure your purchase.

  • Regular payments need to be made when ever it suits you..( we suggest on a 14 day basis)

  • We will e-mail you an up to date statment for each payment received

  • All Lay-By's need to be fully paid within 90 day of the original downpayment

  • Please note: should you for any reason not complete your purchase, there can be no refund of your monies paid.The reason is that whilst we are holding your purchase, they are considered sold and we have lost THE OPPORTUNITY TO SELL THE ITEM(S) TO AN OTHER BUYER.

  • Once FULL payment has been RECEIVED your items will be posted within 2 WORKING DAYS.

  • It is up to you to ensure that the final payment is made within the required 90 days and well in advance of when you want the goods. We can not be held responsible for postage delays.

All other Terms/Conditions and Refund Policies apply as per the information on our auction pages.