SET 4 MUSIC CD'S, Spanish Latin Style

Set of 4 CD's. Individually packaged.
Big Band Latin, Pasion - Sensual Latin Guitar, Flamenco Magnifico and Romance of Rio.
A fabulous set as gifts or something special for yourself.
Product Description
    4 Music Cd's, Assorted Titles, Great as gift ideas or your own collection.

    Big Band Latin Music CD x 1
    Latin Music In Big Band style
    12 Fabulous Tracks - 50 Minute Program Time.

    Pasion CD x 1
    Luciani explores the sensual side of pasion with smooth guitar stylings and radiant Latin rhythms.
    6 Fabulous Tracks - 52 Minute Program Time.

    Romance of Rio CD x 1
    Savor the tantalizing tempo of the Brazilian beat and let the irresistible Romance of Rio carry you away.
    11 Fabulous Tracks - 60 Minute Program Time.

    Flamenco Magnifico CD x 1
    This live recording captures the emotional collaboration of Flamenco guitar, Bamboo flutes and percussion.Fantasia draws upon traditional Flamenco roots to forge a unique style of world music that speaks to the heart.
    9 Fabulous Tracks - 60 Minute Program Time



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