9 MIXED MUSIC CD'S, Easy Listening, Guitar, Piano, Violin and Nature

Set of 9 CD's. Individually packaged. 1 of each title.
Classical Guitar, Violin Virtuosity, Classical Pan Pipes, Dream Vacation, Piano Classics, Disco Inferno, Pachelbel In Harmony with the Sea,Temptation by Ron Allen, Broadway Piano.
A fabulous set as gifts or something special for yourself.
Product Description

    Piano Classics CD This collection of enduring classics, from Mozart's playful Turkish Rondo to Beethoven's dramatic Für Elise, will delight you with its variety and depth of emotion.

    Temptation CD Instrumental Saxophone - Simmering rhythms embrace an intimate and enchanting saxophone in these captivating renditions of cherished standards. Draw the curtains, light a candle and surrender to the mood.

    Disco Inferno CD Step back in time and boogie to some of the biggest hits of the disco era as performed by disco devotees. Superfreak and special guest, Christopher Rouse.

    Broadway Piano CDSolo Piano - Theatre to Broadway.

    Violin Virtuosity CDThis unique, adventurous collection lends a contemporary voice to the timeless instrument and movingly transforms favourite themes from around the world. Beautiful instrumental pieces.

    Classical Guitar CDThe Boccherini Guitar Quartet masterfully presents timeless classical pieces from some of the worlds greatest composers.

    Classical Panpipes CD Relaxing Nature sounds and pan pipes combine with timeless classical pieces from some of the worlds greatest composers.

    Pachelbel In Harmony with the Sea CD Johann Pachelbels great legacy to music history is his Canon in D Major.
    One of the most captivating classical pieces of all time, it is instantly recognizable and universally adored for its joyous melody.
    Crashing waves provide the ideal accompaniment to this heavenly piece of music.

    Dream Vacation CDImagine yourself on a Dream Vacation, soaking up the sun to the smooth island rhythms of Coconut Groove.

    This huge variety of music is well suited for any occasion - this set consists of a total of 9 mixed cd's.