Peridot Seagull Gifts



Peridot is one of the few gemstones that is found in only one color, and that color is a vivid golden green. While peridot has been around for several millennia, and was known as Olivine and the “gemstone of the sun” by ancient Egyptians, peridot jewelry, however, gives a very modern beauty that is admired by many contemporary designers for its brilliant green sparkle.

At SeagullGifts, our peridot jewelry features fine quality gems that are rich in color and set in various handcrafted designs, from a solitaire ring to multi-gem chandelier earrings. This sparkling jewelry has also long been associated with elegance, fame and confidence. Peridot is the birthstone for August.

Find your favorite pieces from our vast peridot jewelry selections. This breathtakingly beautiful green treasure can be yours at surprisingly affordable prices!

sapphire pendant



Among the oldest gemstones known to man, precious sapphire has long been held in very high regard, appearing in royal jewelry since ancient times. Sapphire is a variety of the corundum mineral family. It has a striking steely luster and features strong dichroism, meaning that the stone changes color when viewed from different angles.

Deep blue is the color most often associated with sapphires, but the gems actually come in every color of the rainbow – as you can see from the one-of-a-kind handcrafted sapphire jewelry selections at SeagullGifts.

Often given and worn as a token of faith, wisdom and purity, sapphire is the anniversary gemstone of 10th and 45th wedding, and sapphire also makes the popular birthstone for September. If you are a sapphire lover, then feel free to browse our selections offered at exceptional prices. Here you can find a unique and luscious piece that you will cherish forever!


Australian Black Opal Jewellery

The rarest and most beautiful of opals, Australian black opals are truly the Queen of Queens amongst these magical gemstones.  Australian black opal jewelry in various designs combine the exotic beauty and fiery passion of rare Australian black opals to create pieces of magic you can wear.

In dominant red, green and deep blue hues, all our Australian black opals have the very obvious rainbow fire that indicates their high value. To keep the prices affordable, we optimize the stone’s high value and reinforce its strength by backing a layer of authentic fine black opal to create black opal doublet.

Citrine Seagull Gifts



Citrine is a variety of quartz and famed for its brilliant yellow shades. With a fine luster and clarity, citrine jewelry sparkles with a brilliant flare like captured sunlight. At SeagullGifts, our sunny citrine jewelry comes in many styles, from an elegant solitaire ring to intricate cluster designs, or combined with other gems for glamorous and inspiring effects.

Because of its association with the life-giving warmth of the sun and fire, citrine jewelry has long been prized for its healing powers to increase strength and endurance as well as promote positive thinking.

Owning such a piece of citrine is just like owning a piece of sunlight to warm one’s heart. So, let our citrine jewelry bring a little sunshine into your day.



As a symbol of wealth and powerful protection, turquoise jewelry has always been treasured by many cultures and never goes of fashion. In Arizona and the Great Southwest, no other gem has been held in greater esteem than these unique blue and green gems. In Tibet, people wear turquoise jewelry in both daily life and ritual practice.

In 17th century England, stylish and wealthy gentlemen would not step out in public without wearing turquoise jewelry. Today, contemporary turquoise accessories are regular favorites on the fashion runway, and it seems as though time cannot weary our love for turquoise jewelry.

At SeagullGifts, we offer diverse selections of handcrafted  jewelry in various stone types, shades and designs. Our jewelry combines the natural beauty of authentic turquoise with painstaking effort from heart. Be it a pendant, ring, bracelet or a pair of earrings, our gemstone jewellery is sure to make a wonderful gift or a unique treat for yourself. Turquoise is the birthstone for December and the gem for the 11th year wedding anniversary.