Among the oldest gemstones known to man, precious sapphire has long been held in very high regard, appearing in royal jewelry since ancient times. Sapphire is a variety of the corundum mineral family. It has a striking steely luster and features strong dichroism, meaning that the stone changes color when viewed from different angles.

Deep blue is the color most often associated with sapphires, but the gems actually come in every color of the rainbow – as you can see from the one-of-a-kind handcrafted sapphire jewelry selections at SeagullGifts.

Often given and worn as a token of faith, wisdom and purity, sapphire is the anniversary gemstone of 10th and 45th wedding, and sapphire also makes the popular birthstone for September. If you are a sapphire lover, then feel free to browse our selections offered at exceptional prices. Here you can find a unique and luscious piece that you will cherish forever!

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